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Corporate clients

Oranta-Life Private Joint Stock Insurance Company is a reliable partner in the realm of long-term life insurance. We offer comprehensive corporate staff insurance programs that can help your employees be confident in their financial well-being and prevent you from worrying about them.

The corporate life insurance programs will enable you:

  • to provide financial protection of your employees and their families in any event insured;
  • to reduce fluctuation of personnel;
  • to additionally motivate your staff, gain advantages over other employers, attract new qualified workers;
  • to improve the companys profile in business circles;
  • to promote corporate culture, increase staff loyalty.

Of great significance is that the corporate life insurance programs can help an enterprise optimize its expenses by getting tax exemptions, income tax in particular, plus savings in wages. In compliance with the Ukrainian legislation (Article 5 of the Law on Business Income Taxation) insurance payments are referred to gross expenditures of an enterprise reducing its income tax base.


Corporate sales department

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